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Areas of law we handle

Offices in Garden City and Suffolk County, and we can meet with you closer to your home, in some cases, at the home.-call us and we will work something out. Call (516) 595-2031 or  (631) 848-1204 7 days a week until 8 weekdays, 6 or 7 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

Foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, mortgage modification, foreclosure settlement conferences, civil rights, including labor law, disability discrimination, racial discrimination, FMLA discrimination, sex discrimination, personal injury, criminal law, foreclosures and issues with Homeowner's Associations, Condo Boards and Co-Op Boards, Animal Law, and much more.

And if you need a specialist, such as for zoning, environmental law, commercial litigation medical malpractice and more, we know where to point you to get you the best representation possible.

Our Services:

We represent you in many areas of law and at whatever stage of the litigation you come to us with.  

This means, for example, in foreclosure, we can help even on the eve of the actual sale.

Other key points in the process include: after the mortgage modification process is not going well or has failed, when you are technically too late to serve the required Answer to the foreclosure, when the lender sends you a "Summary Judgment Motion" where they are asking to foreclose since you never served an Answer, and/or were late serving your Answer. Key problem we handle, and are also working on trying to change the law: you only have TWENTY days to do this from the date you receive the Summons and Complaint no matter what) or even if you served an Answer that was timely or accepted as timely, whether getting help from legal services, participating in the Foreclosure Settlement Conferences, etc.